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Waffles & Warblers Wrap-up

WAFFLES & WARBLERS wrap-up. May 15, 2019. Perfect weather, lots of birds, and fantastic waffles & sausages! ‘Nuf said? Clinton’s group and Sparky’s group combined to find 93 species from 6am (31 degrees) to Noon (63 degrees, sunny, calm).

We then met at the McDavitt Town Hall in Zim for conversation, waffles, and the list compilation. Huge thanks to Nancy Fisher, Sarah Beaster and Gene Ollila for preparing the yummy food!

Bird highlights included 16 species of warblers including a couple Cape May’s, Northern Waterthrush at Welcome Center, Northern Parula, Magnolia, and Black-throated Green. Other fun species included the still-dancing Sharp-tailed Grouse, Wilson’s Snipe on a railroad track rail, calling Barred Owl, first Eastern Kingbird, Blue-headed Vireo, magpies, Sedge Wrens, Wood Thrush, 10 species of sparrows including White-crowned and LeConte’s (that didn’t want to show itself…but sang a lot), singing Western Meadowlark along Poplar Road fields, Bobolink, Baltimore Oriole, Sora and we even saw a pair of Virginia Rails!

Birding along the Whiteface River.
We called in a rarely seen Virginia Rail along Admiral Road. This is a very unusual species in Sax-Zim!
Wilson’s Snipe “walking the rails”
Mourning Cloak butterfly nectaring on willow catkins. You rarely ever see them nectaring.
Development Director Sarah handing out the good stuff!
Jim Fisher graciously allowed us to use the McDavitt Town Hall in Zim for the lunch. Thanks Jim!
Board Member Gene Ollila made some mean sausages!
Taxidermist Frank Klabacek of Iron Junction donated two more amazing mounts to Friends of Sax-Zim Bog. Thanks so much Frank! The Barred Owl will help us point out differences from the Great Gray.
Welcome Center Volunteer and Zim resident (Zimmian? Zimmite?) organized the food prep and baking. Thanks Nancy! The waffles were yummy!
The group enjoying a hearty lunch after a morning of birding (6 hours!).
See you all at Waffles & Warblers in May 2020!