With your help, we’ve protected 524 acres of Bog for future generations!

Boardwalks & Trails

Though the Welcome Center is closed for the season (we always close in mid March), the trails and the boardwalks are open to hike and get some fresh air. The outhouse at the Welcome Center is open as well.

To find your way around the Bog, download the birding map HERE. Thanks and Happy Hunkering!


  • Please use caution as you travel and explore the Bog.
  • Be mindful of residents who live in the area as you park on the road and watch for birds.
  • Use good judgement as you enjoy the birds, animals, and plants around you. Visit our Birding Etiquette tips page.
  • Watch your footing at all times! (Ditches can be very deep and hummocks in the Bog can be ankle-twisters)

Auggie’s Bogwalk at Fringed Gentian Bog
Warren Woessner Boardwalk at Warren Nelson Memorial Bog
Bob Russell Boardwalk (in progress) at Winterberry Bog
Help us fund the building of this boardwalk with your gift!

Blue Dasher Bog Trail
Indian Pipe Bog Trail
Welcome Center Trails
Yellow-bellied Bog Trail