With your help, we’ve protected 524 acres of Bog for future generations!

Boardwalks & Trails

Below, find maps and information regarding trails on Friends of Sax-Zim Bog (FOSZB) properties. General locations of each property can be found on our birding map HERE. Each map includes basic information about the ease of the trail, when the trail is open, and the GPS coordinates for each trailhead.

There are three boardwalks on FOSZB Properties: Warren Woessner Bog Boardwalk (Warren Nelson Bog), Auggie’s Boardwalk (Fringed Gentian Bog), and the Bob Russell Memorial Bog Boardwalk (Winterberry Bog). Boardwalks are not handicap accessible during the winter, but are accessible for the snow-less season (April-October most years).

The trails on FOSZB Properties are rustic nature trails. Please stay on trails, unless directed otherwise. Our trails were created to minimize the disturbance to the bogs, while allowing for some access to these wonderful ecosystems. Intended for all seasons use, trails become snowshoe accessible during the winter.

**Trail Conditions vary from year to year and season to season! For questions about trail conditions or to report a downed tree/obstacle along a trail send an email to Head Naturalist Clinton at naturalist@saxzim.org.**

Though the Welcome Center is closed for the ’20-21 season, the trails and the boardwalks are open to hike and get some fresh air. The outhouse at the Welcome Center is open as well.


  • Please use caution as you travel and explore the Bog.
  • Be mindful of residents who live in the area as you park on the road.
  • Use good judgement as you enjoy the birds, animals, and plants around you. Visit our Birding Etiquette tips page.
  • Watch your footing at all times! Ditches can be very deep and hummocks in the Bog can be ankle-twisters.

Blue Dasher Bog Trail
Yellow-bellied Bog Trail

Fringed Gentian Bog Trail
Indian Pipe Bog Trail
Welcome Center Trails

Trails in Development/Summer Only Trails:
Botrychium Lane Trail at Warren Nelson Bog (Summer Only)
Wood Thrush Woods Trail