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BRRRRdathon: World’s Coldest Birdathon

BRRRRdathon: World’s Coldest Birdathon

Brrrdathon_logo+Small+400px+72+dpiFriday January 7th and Saturday January 8th, 2022

Register for the 2022 BRRRRdathon here

The “playing field” for the BRRRRdathon

REMEMBER, “PLAYING FIELD” IS ALL of Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin 

Link to Map of Area you are allowed to bird during the BRRRRdathon

A birdathon in northern Minnesota in January? You’ve got to be kidding! The BRRRRdathon may be the world’s coldest birdathon but it can also be the most exhilarating with the possibility of many boreal specialties in the North Woods. Imagine tallying the likes of Great Gray Owl, Boreal Chickadee, Black-backed Woodpecker, Pine Grosbeak, Bohemian Waxwing, Hoary Redpoll, Gyrfalcon and Northern Hawk Owl in a two-day birding spree! And raising money for Friends of Sax-Zim Bog in the process. Win-win-win!

Beginning with the 2018 BRRRRdathon, we have a new points system in place. Basically, the rarer the species, or the harder the species is to find and see, the more points it will be worth. See the linked PDF for the points for each species.

Link to New Species Points System

But the two-day event requires some serious strategizing to maximize your species list. And the playing field is large…all of northeastern Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Most species tallied in the two-days wins.

We also have a One-day BRRRRdathon category, and for the hardy (or just plain foolhardy)[1-day participation can be either Friday or Saturday] a Wintergreen event where all birding must be done via non-motorized travel modes (dogsled? snowshoe? bicycle?).

$25 per person per event. This entry fee includes a one-year Friends of Sax-Zim Bog membership

Register and Pay here for the 2022 BRRRRDATHON

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