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Warbler Wednesday 3—2019

Birding along the “Miracle Mile” of McDavitt Road. Note our “new” bog buggy bus!

May 29, 2019

The morning started off cool with temps around 35 degrees but quickly warmed up to over 70 degrees! We had a full group and half went with Clinton to the southern half of the Bog while Sparky took the rest in the new FOSZB “Bog Buggy,” our “new” 20 passenger mini-coach bus.

Sunny and calm weather made for perfect birding conditions. A Golden-winged Warbler sang from near the Welcome Center to start the day, and we all got stellar looks. Both groups heard Connecticut Warblers (Owl Avenue and McDavitt Road) and in total we tallied an impressive 20 species of warblers.

Other highlights included a pair of very cooperative American Bitterns on McDavitt Road who stayed long enough for all to get fantastic scope views in morning light, Red Crossbills in the pines at the McDavitt Recreation Area, and thanks to a tip from Jason Mandich, a very unexpected Great Gray Owl along CR7 (still hunting at 10:30am!).

Our combined total of 104 species was our highest for the season.

Alicia photographs one of the cooperative pair of American Bitterns
Thanks to a tip from Jason Mandich, Sparky’s group got to see this Great Gray Owl hunting along CR7. It pounced once but didn’t catch anything.
Listening for Red Crossbills in the pines at the McDavitt Rec Area. We had scope looks at a female but only a brief look at a male.
Mourning Warbler along McDavitt Road.