With your help, we’ve protected 4,206 acres of Bog for future generations!

Auggie’s Bogwalk

Completed in 2019, Auggie’s Bogwalk at Fringed Gentian Bog is a place of quiet contemplation. Alder and Aspen mix in with mature Black Spruce and Tamarack, while Pink Ladyslippers can be found dotting the landscape in June and Fringed Gentians bloom from September into October. Boreal Chickadee (occasionally), Black-billed Magpie, Canada Jay, warblers, Mountain Fly Honeysuckle, Snowshoe hare, and more all call this habitat home at one time of the year or another.

Boardwalk Length:

360 feet with flagged hiking/snowshoeing trail taking off the end of the boardwalk

Activities at this tract:

Hiking, birding, photography, naturalist activities. Bird Feeders at property in winter.


Address- 2964 Fermoy Road, Forbes, MN
Trailhead- 47.312362, -92.620133


From Highway 7: Head west on Zim Road. From Zim Road, turn right onto Fermoy Road (Cty 311). The property is located on the east side of the road See our Birding Map for more details.


Roadside along Fermoy Road (Don’t pull over too far as it is easy to get stuck in winter). Please only park on one side of the road if there are multiple vehicles, to allow through traffic to pass. Spring road conditions near this property may be poor.