With your help, we’ve protected 24,439 acres of Bog for future generations!

Boreal Chickadee Bog- Doris Staub Tract


80 acres

Activities at this tract: 


**NOTE THAT THIS IS MAINLY A PRESERVATION PROJECT: This is the most “wild” property owned by FOSZB. It can only be reached through considerable effort, about an hour bushwhack during the best of conditions! This will remain a wild preserve that is home to Boreal Chickadees, Moose, and Wolves.

Hiking (bushwhacking…no established trails), snowshoeing (no established trails), birding, botanizing are all possible…If you can get there! If you decide to try, please take at least TWO directional aids (compass, GPS, iPhone fully charged with Google Maps/Compass/GPS). IT IS EASY TO GET LOST IN THIS COUNTRY!

The Purchase was made possible by a generous contribution from Doris Staub.

Species of Interest:

Boreal Chickadee, Moose, Timber Wolves and…. who knows! Due to the remote nature of this tract, very few folks have explored this bog yet. If you do manage the effort to get there do let us know what you observe! Send an email to Head Naturalist Clinton at naturalist@saxzim.org with your report.


Roadside parking along Admiral Road.


No signage yet.


Remote tract located halfway between Admiral Road and CR7. NO ROAD ACCESS!


Property line starts about 1 mi north of Cranberry Road and starts east about .4 mi from Admiral Road. The north boundary starts 1.5 mi north of Cranberry Road and east about .42 mi from Admiral Road. There is a major ditch to cross before you get to the property line, as well.

Bog Namesake:

This bog is named for Boreal Chickadees, which are a sensitive bog specialist species that we have living year round in the Sax-Zim Bog. The Bog is also named for our generous donor, Doris Staub.

Donor Note:

“For 25 years I’ve dreamed of preserving and protecting wild lands for wildlife.  When I read about FOSZB’s “Acres for Owls” goal of buying tracts of newly available prime bog habitat, my heart jumped “yes”!  That goal makes so much sense to me:  buy up and preserve the pristine parcels while they still exist, saving them for wildlife, nature lovers and the larger ecosystem/web of life which we all rely on.  I trust FOSZB to keep this land safe – now and into the future.  We can’t have the wildlife we love if suitable habitats aren’t available. And hey – I’m celebrating my good fortune to have survived 3 cancer episodes! I’m retired now.  I was a biologist, then a programmer/analyst, and most recently, an artist.  Not sure what the next iteration will be!  I’ve been an environmentalist and birder forever.”

–Doris Staub
November 2015

Conservation Importance Of This Parcel

Friends of Sax-Zim Bog has witnessed the rapid disappearance of prime Black Spruce/Tamarack bog in the area over the last decade. We hope to purchase and preserve tracts of bog for future generations of our beloved boreal birds, owls and birders, photographers and tourists.

The Boreal Chickadee Bog has prime mature Black Spruce-Tamarack bog covering most of the land. This stretch of forest is prime habitat for Great Gray Owls, Connecticut Warblers, Boreal Chickadees, Black-backed Woodpeckers and many other priority bird species that require mature bog. Also, as you can see from trail camera photos, it is great mammal habitat too! Its close (less than a mile) proximity to the approved Sax-Zim Bog Wetland Bank, which is also important to us as this project will forever preserve 23,000 acres of the Sax-Zim Bog!