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Bog Wild Photos: late August-mid October

October 13, 2016 Category:

Early Fall in the Bog

Migrating shorebirds, late-season Dragonflies, fall colors and more

Fall colors in mid September along CR133.

Blue-headed Vireo

Black Meadowhawk is a fairly uncommon species of dragonfly.

Shorebirds are hard to come by in the Bog. This Greater Yellowlegs stopped by the Admiral Road gravel pit.

Snowshoe Hare along McDavitt Road

Snowshoe Hare along McDavitt Road in early October.

Zigzag Darner is a boreal dragonfly species of far northern bogs. We are at the south end of their range.

Jim Burns came all the way from Arizona to photograph some of our rare northern dragonflies such as the Zigzag Darner and the Subarctic Darner. Odonata tourism!

Subarctic Darner in flight. Several males were patrolling a tiny bog pool.

Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly on goldenrod.

Broad-headed Bug (Protenor belfragei) along Gray Jay Way north of the Welcome Center.

Porcupine ambling down Nichols Lake Road in early October.

Bristly Sarsaparilla fruits along Gray Jay Way north of the Welcome Center.