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Warbler Wednesday 1—2019

WARBLER WEDNESDAY 1 WRAP-UP; May 8, 2019: 6am-Noon

Despite the cool temps (36-48 degrees) The 16 folks in Sparky’s and Clinton’s groups came up with a combined total of 80 SPECIES! [Amazingly, by the late afternoon SNOW blanketed the Bog…6-8 inches in Duluth]

Dead calm winds helped a lot in hearing some migrants. We did manage to find 5 species of warblers…and a total of 5 warblers…ONE of each species! (Yellow-rumped, Black-and-white, Nashville, Pine, Orange-crowned). 

Other highlights included a heard Great Gray Owl (Clinton), about 50 ducks on Nichols Lake including mixed rafts of Lesser Scaup, Ring-necked Ducks, and Buffleheads (two Common Loons also joined the party), 2 Harris’s Sparrows along Blue Spruce Road north of Morse’s feeders, 5 dancing Sharp-tailed Grouse (CR229 lek), heard American Bittern along with a seen Sora and heard Virginia Rail (!) (south end Admiral Road), 2 Merlins, heard Barred Owl, Broad-winged Hawks eating worms off the dirt roads, Blue-headed Vireo, singing Brown Thrashers, Clay-colored Sparrow and a bunch of Purple Finches.