With your help, we’ve protected 24,439 acres of Bog for future generations!

Staging the Bog Boardwalk

I can’t believe how much we got done today! (April 5, 2018). Thanks to all our awesome volunteers and MCC crew who helped us move the 110 bog boardwalk sections and 220 “bog feet” and 220 some brackets today.

Woessner Bog Boardwalk at the Warren Nelson Memorial Bog should be completed before summer! Generous contributions from you, our members, Warren Woessner and the IRRRB have helped to make this project possible.

Despite the cold temps (20s) and slippery snow and ice, everyone worked very hard and we finished by 1:45pm! Amazing.

We hope to actually install the boardwalk parts in mid May. Should be open by June 2018. Lots of work still to do. We will post the next volunteer work day on our Facebook page and group.

[Volunteers today: Lori Williams, Tom Williams, Dave Steininger, Jesse Olson, Julie Ollila, Sheryl Sostarich, Bob Kozarek, Lonny Gervais, Jason Traver, Rubin Stenseng, John Kelsey, Clinton Nienhaus, Sparky Stensaas, Gene Ollila, . MCC Crew: Graeme, Tristan, Haley, Joe, Nathan).