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Owl Survey Night: Saw-whet Serenade

April 21, 2012 Category:

On the calm, clear and cold night of April 11th, I (Sparky) ran an owl route through Sax-Zim Bog. The first few stops were quiet, but then the Saw-whets started sounding off. I had one singing at every stop from 3 through 9…But I do believe that the one on stops 7 & 8 could be the same bird, so a total of SIX Saw-whets in a six-mile stretch! One was very close to the road…”TOOT…TOOT…TOOT…” It was interesting that when I first heard him, I estimated that he was less than a quarter mile away but turned out to be over a half mile away! That’s an amazing broadcast range for a tiny owl.

I also heard one Ruffed Grouse drumming, Spring Peepers, Wood Frogs, Boreal Chorus Frogs and some unidentified wings flying overhead. A good night.