With your help, we’ve protected 24,439 acres of Bog for future generations!

Bog Boardwalk Funding Completed! 

Bog Boardwalk Funding Completed!

…A very generous donation from WARREN WOESSNER & a CULTURE & TOURISM Grant from the IRRRB (Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board) has secured the future of the boardwalk…Thank you!

900′ Boardwalk to be called Warren Woessner Bog Boardwalk

Warren Woessner Bog Boardwalk will be completed in Spring 2018

Hot off the Press!…A three-year donation and pledge from Warren Woessner, will secure the completion of the bog boardwalk at the Warren Nelson Memorial Bog. This legacy project will be known as the Warren Woessner Bog Boardwalk.

“The work of the FOSZB is preserving enhancing and promoting a unique winter birding hotspot in a very cold state. It is a conversation starter on all my birding trips and I am proud to be a part of the effort to keep this special place special.”

—Warren Woessner

Early in 2015, friends of Warren Nelson and members of Friends of Sax-Zim Bog came together to honor the life of Warren Nelson, a passionate birder and photographer, through the purchase of a 40 acre mature black spruce bog in the Sax-Zim Bog Important Bird Area. A HEARTY THANK YOU! to those who donated.


Now with funding secured, we can complete the boardwalk and honor Warren’s legacy of passing on his love of birds and bogs by constructing a 900’ BOG BOARDWALK. Visitors to the area will be able to experience the magic and wonder of walking through a bog, without getting their feet wet, getting lost or breaking an ankle!
This boardwalk will be…

…a Bog Boardwalk for learning

…Access to the hidden world of the bog

…an Invitation to explore

…a Path to orchids & Boreal birds

Though recent snows and cold have slowed progress on the bog boardwalk construction, we have not stopped! Many volunteers have worked hard to keep this project going; Jason Traver, Bob Kozarek, Tom Williams, Sarah Beaster, Rubin Stenseng, Ben Yokel, Gene & Julie Ollila, and more. Sparky cuts a path for the Warren Woessner Bog Boardwalk in late October 2017.

A little snow doesn’t stop Friends of Sax-Zim Bog!