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Grand Prizes Announced for Big-Half-Year-for-the-Bog Drawing!

December 3, 2012 Category:

EAGLE OPTICS has graciously donated TWO pair of their new higher-end ED binoculars for the event-ending drawing in early July 2013.

ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN THESE BINOCULARS THAT RETAIL FOR OVER $500! All you need to do is to REGISTER FOR FREE HERE. All participants will get 1 “name in the hat” for the drawing. BUT for every $250 raised you raise, you will get AN ADDITIONAL name-in-the-hat, thereby bettering your chances of winning.

AND REMEMBER…YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN BIG HALF YEAR! It can be species you see just in your backyard…or in a local park…or in your county…or entire state (ANY STATE! Not just Minnesota). Be creative! Because it is not the birder with the biggest number that wins…All prizes will be given away as a drawing in early July 2013.

AND WE HAVE MANY MORE PRIZES TO GIVE AWAY! Our friends at Duluth Pack, Frost River, Epicurian Cutting Surfaces, Kollath-Stensaas Publishing, Stone Ridge Press, iRentPhoto, have all donated fantastic prizes! SEE BELOW!