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Ben Yokel—2018 Big Half Year


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Ben is doing a “Selfies with Birds” Big Half Year. Here is what he has to say about why he is choosing to do a “selfie” Big Half Year:

“I am raising money for the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog, a northern Minnesota non-profit dedicated to the preservation of this accessible boreal ecosystem. My goal is to take selfies with 180 different species this Half Year. Because my philosophy is to enjoy nature at a respectful distance, some of these species may be a challenge to spot in the photograph. All sea life photographed in hand was stranded by super low tides and safely returned to the ocean (with the exception of the empty shells!). Please consider clicking the link above to donate to this worthy cause!”

Ben with Reddish Egret in Florida

Ben and Great Gray Owl (Sax-Zim Bog)                 Ben and  (Florida)

Ben and Horseshoe Crab (Florida)                          Ben and  (Florida)

Ben and Anhinga (Florida)                                        Ben and Great Blue Heron (Florida)

Ben and (Florida)                                                         Ben and American Alligator (Florida)

Ben and Double-crested Cormorant (Florida)       Ben and Laughing Gull and Royal Tern (Florida)


Ben and Manatee (Florida)                                        Ben and White Ibis (Florida)

Ben and Terns (Florida)                                        Ben and Tortoise (Florida)


Ben and Greater Black-backed Gull (Florida)        Ben and Brown Pelican (Florida)

Ben and Black-bellied Plover (Florida)                    Ben and Alphabet Cone (Florida)

Ben and  (Florida)                                        Ben and  (Florida)

Ben and (Florida)                                        Ben and Horse Conch (Florida)


Ben and Lesser Black-backed Gull (Florida)          Ben and  (Florida)